Liam Neeson…Worst.Mentor. Ever.

Liam Neeson has made a career of playing memorable mentors, as well as Aslan the Jesus -esque Lion from Narnia. It has occured to me that in ANY movie he happens to be a mentor in…He just isn’t that good at what he does. Wise and enlightening? Yes. Proficient? Not quite. Here are some examples of Liam’s epic FAIL at being a warrior, in the same style of his wife’s epic fail as a skier….That was even too soon for me. I apologize, but will not delete it.

Star Wars Episode 1-Qui Gon Jinn? Couldn’t sense the fact that Anakin was the “Most evil entity in the galaxy”.

Batman Begins-Ah, Ras Al Ghul taught Batman everything he knows, and 3:52 into the clip…The lamest death EVER of a super villain.

Kingdom of heaven-After a wonderful 6 minute training session Orlando Bloom’s dad for a bout 10 minutes takes a shot to the ribs with an arrow 21 seconds in.

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