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Two-time Primetime Emmy Award-Winner and Lead Animator for Comedy Central’s South Park, Ryan Quincy is rumored to be bringing his very own animated world to a television near you – follow our posts for developing news. Quincy may be best known for his work on MADtv and South Park, but his real passion lies in creating his own characters and animations.


His body of work remains just under the radar at his best-kept-secret website if you’re wondering. And you should be. Quincy began his artistic journey just about the time he took his first breath. His art is sweet, innocent and firmly planted in the sandy soil of adolescence. Behold the prolific “so-far” feeling you get perusing his artwork, music video catalog, and although sparse…his intriguing “blahg” posts. You’ll get the distinct (and accurate) feeling you’ll be seeing more of his sweet characters that are searching for something of simple substance in the world.

ryanquincy copy

Quincy’s characters literally swim the stars. But do not take our word for it…check out his video creation for Brooklyn-based band Les Savy Fav. Provocative, a little sexy and a little melancholy…all mixed up.

If we’re all fortunate enough, Ryan Quincy’s brainiacal world just may show up on our television screens sooner than later.

*Special thanks to Ryan Quincy for his contribution and cooperation.

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