No New Superman Anytime Soon…

Looks like all you Justice League and Superman fans are gonna be getting Kryptonite Green Balls….As opposed to blue ones. Warner bros. Has officially put the franchise on hold until it least 2011-2012. IO9 got the scoop-

As the studio is waiting to resolve the legal dispute, there’s no movement on the project. [Superman Returns] grossed $391 million worldwide off strong reviews for a genre sequel. But it cost more than $232 million. Warners felt it could have performed better with more action and a powerful villain-and no Superman kid. So Singer was taken off the franchise… [Warner Bros. execs] want to start over from scratch. While Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar did pitch himself (to scant interest), WB in-house faves the Wachowski brothers and their protege James McTeigue were never approached. (It’s hard to imagine such hard-R types taking on what one blogger described as the “Big Blue Boy Scout.”) The studio is still seeking the right direction. No writers are working on a Superman script. “We’re working on a strategy for DC,” says one Warners exec. “Superman is the trickiest one to figure out.”

I really thought Brandon Routhe was a stellar Kal-El and that it would be prudent of them to keep him in the wings. The acting was fine, it was the plot line holding it back. No, Lex Luther, just a good old Doomsday style fight!!! Blowing through building like tinfoil and hurling cars at each other like nerf balls.

These people will butcher what we love. Hopefully they get good things going soon. But I am fearful because they “Aren’t sure” what to do with the character!?!?!? If they can make 2 AMAZING spiderman films, I’m sure they can find a good idea for Superman…Assholes.

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