This Day In Nerd History: December 3rd 1965


On December 3rd, 1965 Andrew Stanton was born in Rockport, Massachusetts.  After college he joined Pixar Studios in 1990.  Since then, he has been a part of just about every awesome thing that has ever come out of Pixar. Let’s see…. what has this dude done for the nerd community…

Toy Story

A Bugs Life

Toy Story 2

Monsters Inc.

Finding Nemo

The Incredibles

Wall E

You get the point.  I’m pretty sure…yeah I love ever Pixar movie that has ever been made.  Not once have they ever let me down, not once!  In a world filled with jaded pissed off Americans(myself included) that is saying a lot.  There is very little art left in Hollywood and Pixar is of course a big part of it. Thank you Mr Stanton for giving us old nerd farts a reason to justify still acting like children!


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