An Avatar Introspective

So. Your Film guy has a question about film. This is my forte’. This is what I love. This is me. Now, we seem to be at an impasse in cinema. It has become more computer then acting. Some of them get it right, IE Lord of the Rings, with its Louvre-like blend of artistic gorgeousry, fine acting, and special effects that were man made costumes, wardrobe and landscaping. Others have failed to captivate in ways such as The Final Fantasy Movie and Beowulf…Visually acceptable to me, but didn’t garner the numbers that were taken to create. Another great blend was 300 taking a graphic novel and literally transferring page for page of the amazing book to the screen.

So why could things be troubling me you may ask yourself? Well its because months back their was a little film called Avatar gaining steam and becoming one of the most highly anticipated Oscar contenders and films of the year. James Cameron? Check. Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron together again? Double Check. Sam Worthington, the best part of Terminator Salvation. Triple Check. I don’t need to go over Cameron’s list of hits or his golden touch, so what could I possibly bring up?

Well, one fine day, the teaser trailer of the film came out, and the the industry was abuzz with confusion. Blue Gelfling lookin muthafuckas. Dinosaurs. A jungle planet so Cartoon like that it was almost silly. Then the impossible happened. The trailer was released showing the mundane plot lines and absolutely ridiculous blend of actors and cartoons. How did the secrecy of this fine idea of a film turn from great hype to potential disaster? All I can say is that my sources from the West Coast feed are calling this the Waterworld of this decade. That is some harsh shit! I don’t care if Avatar does well monetarily, I just want it to be good quality. From the looks of it, I will be disappointed, but if the story takes a turn for the better than maybe a great script can save it, but who knows. How did this go from the most anticipated films of James Cameron’s career to the biggest joke of the decade from a trailer?

He will have to bounce back, because he has had SO MANY great hits. But to go out like this?

Its better to burn out than to fade away….Well this could be a crash and burn that will take some recovery time.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Avatar? Do you think the trailer has hurt its credibility or that people should see it and judge then?

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