(While this Film isn’t in the final 10…It should’ve been Number 1)

I have my own reasons. But other people certainly possess the freedom of speech to voice theirs, and why should Moviefone be any different? The Top 10 Biggest Stinkers of the Decade???Not such a great title, but they have some good ones in there. They list 40, I’ll give you their final 10….I agree with most, but then again, doesn’t EVERYBODY have a shitty movie they adore?

10)The Adventures of Pluto Nash– Why would a movie that cost 100 million to make, sit on the shelf for years and then in its entirety run make 2 million dollars? Because its when Eddei Murphy stays true to form he is successful…Can you think of anyone else with a More Up and Down career than him?

9)The Cat In the Hat– Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans! Did this movie even look appealing in the commercials? No. Was Mike Meyers being Mike Meyers in a cat suit worth the price of admission? No. Was Mike Meyers making sexually uncomfortable references about one of the kid’s mothers totally uncalled for? Absolutely. From what the notes say, after this flick, the widow of Dr. Seuss BANNED any more live action Seuss based movies!

8) Little Nicky- Yeah, it was kinda lame and pretty bad. Also one of Adam Sandler’s worst works just below Zohan, which I’m sorry, should’ve taken this slot. But there was some key scenes that were kinda funny (this being one of my So bad, but you love it flicks).

7)Basic Instinct 2- Really? This makes the cut? What about the Brothers Solomon? That was a Rated R comedy with NO LAUGHS. And I love Will Forte and Will Arnette… But I digress, Sharon stone didn’t uncross her legs in this film, but even that couldn’t have saved the film from its shit plotline if she had.

6) Catwoman– The suit was sexy. That is the only redeemable thing anyone ever says about this piece of cat shit! And the suit WAS NOT sexy!!! If a woman was wearing that and seduced me, I would have to tell her to take off the fucking goofy as hell mask…It looks like it didn’t fit. This movie DOES deserve to be in this category.

(Rarrrrr!!!! I’m going to tear apart a good idea….)

5) Swept Away–  Madonna was great in “A League of Their Own”. That was it. This movie was one of the biggest jokes upon its release and apparently….To this day.

(Shit. Look at that body on her….BUT HER face?!?!….(Get it?hee hee)

4) From Justin To Kelly- Hot off the heels of the first season of Survivor…Or ….Whatever the hell reality show they were on…IDOL!! That’s right. Since this movie’s been gone…I can breath for the first time.

3) Glitter– With the release of Precious, we have seen that Mariah can act…And what Nick Cannon has to put up with in the morning when she has no makeup on. This was just a self serving fuck fest that was like 8 Mile just without a good plot, script, character, or any shame.

(Why would she wear this?!?! I mean, I’m glad she did..But Seriously?! Nip Slip!)

2) Gigli– Ok, this is where I lose some credibility. Even though the movie has an absurd plot, Ben Affleck has some moments of pure goofy comic gold, trying to hit on a lesbian who has no interest in him. Also kidnapping a retarded kid to ransom off? That is brilliant! I think this movie only did poorly because it was released at a time where it when it was trendy to bash Jen and Ben….THATS THE REASON. Its ok to admit you enjoy a bad movie once in awhile. J. Lo asking him for oral sex and saying “Gobble gobble.”? Come on! Comic Gold!

1)Battlefield Earth– John Travolta made this movie to honor and spread the weird weird gospel of L. Ron Hubbard. And if this is the result…And the WORD of their prophet, Hubbard, Then Scientology is as big of a joke in reality as this movie, which is apparently based on truth.

(Apparently, the aliens of Scientology need Breath Right Strips because they snore at night….)

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