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What’s going under your binary Christmas Tree?

We’ve made lots of suggestions for decorating your tree with nerdy ornaments. We’ve given you plenty of ideas for what to give to every nerd on your list this year…but don’t fall short by wrapping those gifts in plain old Christmas gift wrap! We here at want your holidays dressed head to toe (so to speak) with the magic of nerdery.

Imagine all of the time you’ve spent decking your halls with dorky doodads…you wouldn’t want that tree skirt covered with boring old everyday pointsettias, santas and snowmen would you? NO! You wouldn’t! So here are some nerd-pleasing prints and unusual disguises for your nerdy gifts under the tree this holiday season:

1. Space Invaders Wrapping Paper — How cool is this?  All those little nerd ornaments adorning your tree will look even better with cool old-school video game gift wrap.


2. Binary Gift Wrap — I bet some of you could translate what’s inside just by reading the little ones and zeros. If so, you know that your wrapping paper is saying “you’re getting another pair of brown socks!”


3. Santa Suit Beer Cozy — What? You don’t give eachother beer for Christmas at your house? You simply must reconsider this year. Be a good boy or girl and santa will give you a buzz.


4. Starburst Present Toppers — I don’t know about you, but when I see the big stack of gifts under the tree, I am drawn to the shiniest of the pack. I’m a sucker for bows, ribbons, and my personal favorite…airline liquor bottles tied on as decorations (you’re welcome)…so don’t forget to stock up on some of these craft-nerdy gift toppers. And…who’s with me….The Pop Shoppe ruled! I haven’t seen that logo since the 70s!  Extra kudos go to this Etsy seller for working that bottle into the shot!


5. Night of the Living Dead Gift Card — Oh yes. This rocks. This is from another Etsy seller who offers quite a few strange greetings such as this, or perhaps the one that reads “We are not meant to be monogamous”. Something nice to send your stalker, you know, just as a courtesy.


6. Retro Dorky Gift Wrap — Team up your Space Invader and Binary Gift Wrap with this Retro Space Christmas Wrap, and you’ll have quite the eye candy under your tree this year. Just look at the cute little strange space octupi and space ships. I think I would have to frame these little illustations in a series. Oops, my geek is showing.


7. I Heart Snail Mail Gift Card — So your familly lives far away, here’s a perfect way to enclose that infamous $12 check to the niece or nephew. Yes…you can be that relative, all the while reminding your beloved friends and family that snail mail has not gone the way of the dodo.


8. Bloody Gift Wrap — This should satisfy the Sci-Fi or Horror geeks ’round the tree. Oooooh! What’s inside?! A human head? Nope. Its a giant Rubix Cube just like you asked for. Dork.


Now that you’ve gone shopping for everyone on your list and decorated your tree with lots of geeky ornaments, its time to wrap it up, stick it under the tree and go curl up in front of your favorite Christmas Movie Scenes. Happy Wrapping!

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