What do Kris Kristofferson, The Temptations, Donny and Marie Osmond and R2D2 have in common? Have a look. I’ll meet you afterwards.

Not many things shut me up. Ask anyone who knows me. But this mixed-production value patchwork of things-that-don’t-go-together even in some obscure ironic way has silenced me for the last two hours. Look at the quality of the droids, the Stormtrooper costumes and even the Chewbacca costume (the lumbering leaves something to be desired)…all pretty darned good.

But then some drunken coke-fiend got all groovy and called in the Osmonds to play our beloved Luke and Leia (at least they got the sibling part right)…and WTF?! Kris Kristofferson is Han Solo? How does this happen? But wait, there’s more! Lets get them all doing a highschool theater-level skit on a dumpy sound stage and set the whole thing to The Temptations’ “Get Ready Cuz Here I Come”.

I am left with an emotional shag-rug burn.

Category: Film, TV, WTF?