A New Face Joins “True Blood”

Joe Manganiello. Does that name ring a bell? No? Well he is the new guy on the block in everyone’s favorite Vamp show, “True Blood”. According to The Hollywood Reporter he has been tagged to play Sam’s Werewolf father? According to THR:

The “How You Met Your Mother” hunk has landed the recurring part of Alcide, a hot and sexy alpha male werewolf.

Meanwhile, it’s been a parents casting week on Alan Ball’s vampire drama.

The latest to join the series for an arc is Cooper Huckabee who will play Sam’s (Sam Trammell) dad Joe Lee Mickens.

Did anyone know Sam had a dad that looks almost the same age as him? Guy looks like Brad Paisly. His resume isn’t extraordinary…But How I Met Your Mother is a pretty big hit, and True Blood? This guy will be running hot if he plays his cards right.

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