The Hero Of Time: Zelda Fan Film Is Online


Some of you may remember the cruel April fools joke played on us Zelda fans with with Legend of Zelda  movie trailer. For about an hour on that April morning I was filled with hope that someone finally took on the impossible task of adapting one of the most beloved games into a live action movie. When it finally hit me what day it was and the realization that it was all just a joke a single tear rolled down my cheek. It’s a very sad thing when third rate games get green lit and made into movies by Uwe Boll all the while Zelda is left in the shadows never to be touched by quality filmmakers. Soon after the awful joke was behind us it was announced that a fan film called the Hero Of Time was in some form of production. For me, I didn’t bother to follow such a thing as I didn’t expect much more than an awful twenty to thirty minute mess.  Well, now that the film is online and I have watched it.  All I can say is, it’s a hour and a half Zelda movie. That’s about it.  Give it a watch The film is after the break.


Fact is the movie is kinda lame and David Blane(not to confused with the street magician) as Link is at most times seemingly drunk and a few times borderline retarded. The acting as a whole is pretty bad, really bad. One notable is the shopkeeper. When Link has to buy is weaponry the scene with the shopkeeper was pretty funny.  I also have to add that the score is pretty good.  It’s all original but it keeps that Zelda quality and feel to it.  I digress, I’m not here to review what I saw but, to simply say that I respect Joel Musch for what he pulled off.  To make a feature length film with no money and no Hollywood connections is a pretty hard thing to accomplish. Although the end result is not to my liking as a rough draft it is quite awesome.  The Hero Of Time is proof that a Zelda movie is possible and if put into the right hands it would blow our geeky minds! Hopfully Hollywood takes notice of this film and finally makes a quality video game adaptation!  I won’t hold my breath!

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