Kids today will do ANYTHING to be an internet hit. There is the Single Ladies Fat Guy, The Leave Britney Alone Girl/Boy, just to name a couple. This however is extra effort put in to  stunt that payed off in droves. Cinematical:

Shorewood High School, in Shoreline, Wash., recreated the 500 Days number with a bit of a twist: They did it in one unbroken take. Oh, and they did it backwards. That is to say, the main performers had to listen to the song played in reverse and learn how to lip-sync it that way, so that it would look right when the video was played backwards. Why the extra effort? I don’t know!

I have to disagree…at least just a little. Some of the backwards running effects were a bit slop, and the lip syncing, even though we need to give the mad props for the backwards singing was a little off…mouthwise.

Seems to me like the WHOLE school was involved. It is Washington State, so it could quite possibly have been the WHOLE school. Mr. Ballew’s video production class, the brains behind this work of artistry deserves some sort of Internet Oscar Nod for Direction…To get what appears to be the whole student body working like a well oiled machine.

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