Top Ten Geek Treats for the Holidays

trekcake(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Combing the web, I have discovered a wealth of sweets and treats to delight nerds everywhere this holiday season. Some professional, some amateur, some impressive, some depressive…please enjoy these ten carefully selected samples of Geek Treats for the Holidays.

1. Super Mario Gingerbread Holiday Thingy — Kudos to this Master of Gingerbread for the difficulty they must have encountered creating this little masterpiece.


2. Pac Man and Ghost Cookies — These beauties would delight me anytime of year. I am salivating over their little eyes, so accurately looking in all directions. Yummy AND correctly portrayed! Shozbot!


3. Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Cookies — I like my cookies like I like my men. Impressive, complicated and delicious.


4. Ewok Gingerbread Village — This may not be the best photo, and it may not be perfectly executed…but I sure do love this little goofy gingerbread project. Star Wars meets sugar meets Miami Vice? I can’t decide what’s best about this…the hilarious ladder? The mysterious activity in the background? The bumper sticker? You be the judge.


5. Star Wars Lollipops — I would put good money on betting that the creator of these fascinating specimens ate them alone, all in one sitting as punishment by the dark Lollipop, Lord Vader Lump.


6. Enginerd Cake — This is dedication. “Hello Cake!”


7. Lord of the Rings Cake — Precious! I wonder if its awkward to be the person that eats the ring.


8. Star Trek Cookies — Some look delicious, some icky…but that’s not stopping me!


9. Zombie Cookie Army — Why didn’t I think of this last week? Seriously…in one night I baked sugar cookies AND watched 28 Weeks Later…and nope, didn’t think of this.


10. WTF? — I always save the best for last.


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