This may be a random post, but then again, I’m a random guy. I have just finished watching the Ewok Adventure films that were made for TV in the 80’s, The Caravan of Courage and the Battle Of Endor. The problem is, these films are such polar opposites, its UNBELIEVABLE that the second one was even released.

The first film was about the the young girl Cindel and her brother Mase. Their parents have been kidnapped by the hundred foot tall giant the Gorax and being held captive. It ends on an upper, saying that “Love, is the most powerful force in the universe.”….Except of course the real FORCE.

So, now that I’m an adult, I came to realize how depressing and morbid that second one was. It BEGINS with Cindels entire family being shot to death by Marauders of Endor, a  monstrous race who for some strange reason raid, raze and capture the whole Ewok village, ala’ Vikings. The little girl and Wicket manage to evade the clutches of these beasts and shack up with a tiny rabbit looking creature name Teak ho runs like the Flash. Then they find another human to shack up with name Noah (Wilfred Brimley), I was totally expecting him to state as soon as he met Cindel, ” Hello Cindel, I’m Noah, and I have diabeetus.”

It just made the first film trivial and polarizing. They went from sweet values and rescue and the bonds of friendships to her family being graphically blown away. Hardly a kid movie either I think. I was just so disturbed this time around, something that as a child I never dissected. The battle of Endor, while the superior story arc, kind of made the first one completely uncalled for. The final battle scene at the end of the movie is a great “Revenge of the Ewoks” war.

This movie also felt more like a Star Wars film then any of the new 3.

Have you seen these movies recently, and if so do you agree or disagree? I’d be psyched to know if you thought this crossed a line, or if it killing the folks off (the ENTIRE plot of Caravan of Courage) was good or bad.

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