I’ve been saying this for years. Since Final Fantasy…Soul..Asylum? Whatever that flick was called…To Shrek 1…And finally with Beowulf using the beautiful voice acting of Brendan Gleeson and Anthony Hopkins. But there will be a war. Not between North and South or Black and White…No CG vs. Human Actors. The good thing is, the video is hilarious…The sad thing is, its TOTALLY TRUE!! Look at the heroes we have! Arnold? Stallone? Bruce Willis? COME ON!!! They couldn’t find any other actors to Battle the CG?! Watch and see how it all will end. Via /Film

Ha! I actually have the epic answer to this battle. Who is the epitomy of CG?….Thats right, Gollum. And who took his ass out??? Sam and Frodo!! HUMAN ACTORS. DONE, CHECK-FUCKEN MATE!

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