(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Judging by the traffic we saw on the first Sears Catalog post from the 1979 Christmas Catalog, you want more! Fast-forward a few years…its the ’80s…Van Halen is on the turn table and your Atari is staaaaarving for more games! Time to bust out the Sears Christmas Catalog and see what’s on the menu. I’ve selected some enticing pages that made some nerds lose sleep on Christmas Eve 1983, all snuggled up in their Batman Underoos. Enjoy!


Wow…page 160 up there was waaaaaaaaay cool, nerdily speaking. Now take a look down there at how you probably looked when you first layed eyes on old page 160. Its true. Face it.




This Christmas I asked Santa to send me back to 1983 so I can reclaim the joy that the above pages gave me.

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