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Scandinavian tradition demands that I drag my pale Wintery white self up off the couch each year and make up a batch of Gingerbread for Houses and Cookies. This year I decided needed a custom Gingerbread Christmas something-or-other. After tens of minutes, I decided on the laptop you all surely saw on Christmas. Please enjoy a few lovely snaps of the “making of” said Gingerbread Laptop.

Step 1. I decided to use Graham Crackers for the Laptop and the Mouse this year, as in previous years my recipe produces a heavy “screen” that sets veeeerrrry slowly and I am impatient. The icing didn’t fluff the way I like, but I got over it fast.


Step 2. The laptop is completed and photographed for my Photoshop tweaks. Thanks go to Mike Machowski for his photography skillz.


Step 3. Finally I uploaded the photo and performed my Photoshop mojo. Imagine, fifteen years of graphic and web design experience and here I am. And they said I’d never make anything of myself. Humbug!!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this nerdy little Wonka-like behind-the-scenes in the kitchen! Please enjoy one final shot of the other laptop I did for 38 Studios using a screenshot of “Copernicus”.


I hereby declare this to be my last post concerning Christmas or Christmas-related topics! On to New Year’s Eve…I must crack open my “practice bottle” of champagne. Farewell Nerds!

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