Naked Trekkies…Need I Say More??

- 12-29-09TV, WTF? Posted by Zach Lawrence

Would George Takei approve?…..Why yes.Yes he would. And I believe may join in! This was found via Gizmodo which lends me to my next question. What are those sick fucks searching for over there!!!??? Apparently the same thing as us. Warning!!! The following page is not suitable for the workplace or for young children!!!!


Would you say they are Europe?? Its a damn good chance. American’s are way to uptight. And you’re talking to a worldly (award winning) writer. ESPECIALLY Trekkies. We need to ask these questions.

UPDATE: Thanks to our glorious commenters we have been told these naked trekkies (we are in love with chick in the redshirt) were part of a yearly naked cycle fest that takes place in Seattle called the Solstice. Haha those wacky Seattle-ests.

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