For those of you with a million little figurines, action figures, stuffed toys and bobbleheads cluttering every surface of your office or cubicle, its time to upgrade. Clear off some room by displaying your nerd power in the form of this amazing Han Solo in Carbonite desk. No more knick-knacks and bric-a-brac to dust just to prove how loyal you are to Sci-fi. This desk says it all.

The desk appeared on the internet about a year ago and has made a recent resurgence in popularity but custom maker Tom Spina Designs, doesn’t stop at desks. They’ll custom make your wildest dreams into collectors pieces like these:


Oh how I’d love this life-sized Jabba the Hutt in my yard. I’d go out and water the lawn in my metal bikini. Life would be pretty great if only Jabba lived at my place.


And strike up the band! Guess who’s coming to the party? In fact, the photo below really does remind me of some of my old pals back at The Lion’s Lair in Denver, CO. No kidding.


It would appear that this level of skill and precision would only be found on a Hollywood Set, but alas, these beauties are available to the public. The public who is willing to forgo a car or perhaps a house in order to snuggle up with Jabba or sit in a Stone Skull Throne. All I’m saying is…I can’t afford any of it, but I sure do wish I could. Hint Hint.

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