Cool Stuff: Minimalist TV Show Designs

3348_previewIf your still pulling movie/TV and comic related posters from the bin at Hot Topic then good for you; keep living the tween life. However, if you are like me and wish to adorn your walls with more sophisticated pieces then here’s something I think you’ll really like. Created out of love of posters, modernism and Television, Austrian designer Albert Exergian has produced an epic bunch of epically simple art work of some of the best shows on television. They are fun yet sophisticated pieces that any nerd can appreciate. After the jump you’ll see a gallery of some of our favorites like True Blood, Dexter, Lost, MacGyver and others.

These fine prints are 840mm x 594mm in size and go for £50.00 (($80.00 U.S.). You can order them here

source via unreality

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