unpluggedEvery job has its drawbacks.  Firefighters don’t like pyromaniacs, cops don’t like criminals, and doctors don’t like sick people.  These are small subsets of the population though.  Geeks, nerds, and more specifically IT guys HATE stupid people, everywhere we turn it seems there’s another one.  I did tech support for a little while when I was younger and yes I am bitter, the job was great, except for the retards.  I have no problem with good, well thought out questions or even slightly dumb questions but after I had to explain where the any key is or tell them the monitor needed to be plugged into the wall as well the computer I was ready to kill someone.

For all you guys that have done tech support I am sure you will know some of these scenarios.  For those that want to, I suggest you follow the words of the immortal Bluto “My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.”  I would take his advice, he was pre-med after all.

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