500x_romatiIn the greatest geek mashup sense chocolate and expresso beans tied the knot so many years ago these two pillars of industry have finally come together to produce the ultimate edible geek creation.  The entire cake is edible according to the bride, who surprised the very lucky groom with this soul enriching tribute to geek decadence.  This was not the only Mario presence at their wedding though.  The groom was given a pair of Mario boxers to wear on the day and the rings were delivered to the alter  on a 1-UP keychain.  If the saying a way to a geeks heart is through his console holds true, then this woman surely has her priorities on the right track.

As if this cake wasn’t enough to cement their relationship into the annals of geekdom I give you…their wedding date, November 5th.  This date should instantly resonate with many of you comic and movie geeks out there.  Need a hint?  Remember, remember, the fifth of November.  This night in 1605 is what is now known as the Bonfire Night, or Guy Fawkes night.  It’s a celebration of the failed Gunpowder Plot and the now comic legend V wears a Guy Fawkes mask as he attempts to disrupt the British government.  For all you that know and love the movie, I strongly urge you to check out the 10 issue run of the DC comic that inspired and in my opinion far eclipses it.  There is an earlier black and white version published in Warrior but DC reprinted and finished the story.

For you movie geeks lets not forgot that your hero and mine, Dr. Emmet Brown conceived one of the single greatest achievements on this date in 1955, the flux capacitor.  This simple device now for sale to the masses by ThinkGeek enables us to travel and explore the vastness of time and space.

Thanks goes to Kotaku.com for the story

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