Guess Who??

Who is this guy on the right? The girl on his arm is quite a looker..In fact a Hot Piece of Ass!! But who could this fat guy be? His fat even looks fake, like Nutty Professor fat suit style. He looks like Ethan Suplee when he was heavy. Here’s a hint: He was one of the only Humans among a TOTAL muppet cast that weren’t muppets.

Eric Walker. Mace, older brother to Cindel from Ewoks Caravan of Courage, and then BRIEFLY in Ewoks Battle for Endor. He apparently hasn’t acted much since the early 90’s and is playing the Star Wars Con circuit. Seriously..May have let himself go a bit, but he can make a living for the rest of his days at those conventions… And when I was 5 or 6 I wanted to be this kid, I thought he was badass cuz he had a blaster, which to get a little geeky, was very different from other blasters in the Star Wars Universe. Blasters fire bolts, Mace’s was a solid stream of energy the couple times he fired it….Hmmm..I wonder if Eric Walker knows????

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