Top Ten Nerd New Year’s Resolutions


Having trouble coming up with your 2010 NY Resolutions? Worry no longer, I’ve done the work for you. Simply print out this list and tack it to that neatly organized corkboard (see #5 below) and you’ve got ten resolutions that would make your mama proud.

1. Finish watching Dark Shadows television series before Tim Burton’s movie adaptation comes to the big screen in order to justify pointing out what Tim Burton did wrong.


2. Throw away all freebie logo T-Shirts and stick to clever, obscure or ironic ones only.


3. Stop painting pewter figurines in the basement. Move the operation to a more well-ventillated area.


4. Do not interrupt people to tell them they’re mistaken. Wait until they’re done talking.


5. Organize everything and explain to everyone the logic behind the organizational system selected.


6. Become a well-known and respected or hated commenter on at least five pop-culture and sci-fi related blogs.


7. Go on more than one date with the same person, and one of the dates must not be to see a new release.


8. Stop being such a nerd and get a tattoo of “Mother” in binary. (Image below does not read “Mother”)


9. Re-watch the entire Buffy series, but this time with a date.


10. Make a list of Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions

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