Playboy’s 2010 Naked Girls of Video Games!!

- 01-03-10Videogames Posted by Zach Lawrence

This months January/February issue of Playboy features Tara Reid on the cover. Her pictures are beautiful and are gorgeously shot rivaling her botched boob job and weird stomach pics slathered across the net. I recommend the issue for Tara Enthusiasts but that is not what this is regarding. In the issue they have their yearly ” Women of Video Games” pictorial. I have gotten the best of the pics and you can see them after the jump. A few from games that are not even available yet, these are hard to find on the net so I apologize for the quality, enjoy! (NSFW: Not Safe For Work) 4

Hecuba Maneros- From God of War 3, this voluptuous beauty is probably one of Krato’s playthings. As in the PS2 versions, where there are numerous nude Greeks, this doesn’t seem any different.


Beatrice Portinari- Dante’s Inferno, the soon to be released game has a supermodel for a wife. In the first minute of the game you find her dead on the ground, breasts out, and as Dante is in mourning he realizes she has been taken by Lucifer….Up to the task? Fighting the devil for the soul of your woman?..With tits like that? Yes.


Lolita Chang- Crimecraft-  Damn fine artistry if you ask me. Video game girls will soon over throw real life women.


Madison Paige-Heavy Rain- Another big name game up and coming! These past few years Playboy has not really stacked up the heavy hitters for this seasonal expose’. Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and Dante’s Inferno are all huge titles, and with female protagonists such as these, I’m sure a lot of Lara Croft fetishists will be making sweet sweet love to themselves over these.

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