Rock Me Super Mario Jesus

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Hmmm ever wonder what would happen if Jesus Christ had to battle his way thru Super Mario Bros. World 1-1? Ya, I never thought of such a thing either. Anyway, some unknown Post-It, flipbook animator went and threw his hat over the wall and dreamed up something you and I never could. Instead of just a simple telling of Jesus imagined as Super Mario he went and did the next best thing by making Jesus kick the fuck out of everyone in the level.Even the Princess got a good kick to the face. I mean if anyone in the game deserved a good ass kick, it’s Princess Peach. You think she ever offered Mario a thank you for saving me blow job? No! The bitch should have been left to be sodomized by Bowser.

Kudos to the mystery animator and his marvelous, ass kicking Mario Jesus. Post-It, flick book animation is a dying art and you truly are the king of kings.

source via i hate chaos

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