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Daybreakers, a new and exciting way to reinvent the tiresome Vampire Genre, bloody, gruesome, and chic all at once…For 20 minutes.

In a brief little summation, the world has turned Vampire…They are 95% of the population, and they are living the same exact life as us dull humans are. Except one little problem…they have enough human blood to last the whole of the population one month, before they start to transform into these mindless, Vamp-batmen who eat other Vampires…You got it so far? Good. So Ethan Hawke is a Human blood Vegan type Doctor only feeding on some forms of synthetics and trying to find a new form of Vamp-made blood that will sustain the population after all the final humans are drained and hunted.

So, up until this point Ethan Hawke’s EVIL VILLAIN boss who runs the blood factory (Sam Neil) is trying to make his money on sustenance and has his own demons to battle….

This frenzied storyline begins exceptionally well, interesting, new, innovative and kinda cool. What happens to it, is it gets lost in its own mythology…Which they don’t really give you..Which is a strange factor considering they involve you in this populace, and don’t give any information on the “what and the where and the when and the how til your taking your hair and your pulling it out…”.. (Sorry, Eminem lyrics).

There is one huge redeeming value in the film in the way of Willem Dafoe. He is a cool, snarky, Vampire killer, who is the key to the story arc and the future of the human race. His arrival in the film comes all too late though, having it already slow down to a dull crawl at this point.

Daybreakers comes off like vegan, vegetarian propaganda film, and at the same time fails at being a human interest piece. In a world where it’s totally cool to be a Vampire, it’s actually not, because EVERYONE is a vampire so there is nothing unique in their being blood suckers…Which in turn, makes us not care about our human protagonists.

2 Out 5 Stars

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