I just had an awesome experience that I want to share with my fellow NerdBastards who are into SteamPunk as I am. was something I stumbled upon looking for some accessories for my already strange garb…And I found a goldmine, a (pun intended) Treasure Trove! With an awesome selection and wide variety of items to pour over, they have shwag for Ren Faires, Viking Jewelry and Accessories (Which I’m also into), and finally STEAMPUNK!!!!

So my experience was I purchased a bunch of cool as hell Clockwork Jacket Buttons, paid totally secure through Paypal, and got my gear like lightning! Here’s the catch.. I placed my order FRIDAY and received my order TODAY! That is incomparable service and the cool shit I bought was great quality. When I called today for a second order, the rep on the phone, Steve, was professional and courteous…They have it on the site that its not a secure site, but Paypal  IS secure, and MY STAMP of approval included, they need to remove that label. Here are a bunch of cool items from the site.


Thors Hammer


Steampunk Watch Gear Necklace


SteamPunk Watch Buttons (This is the AWESOME QUALITY ones I bought)


SteamPunk Clock Gear Cuff Links

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