Being A Band Fag Just Got A Lot Cooler


(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

On the front page of YouTube today you’ll find a San Francisco-based Marching Band video that will help re-define your mental image of what a Marching Band is. Picture your high school marching band portrayed by a Russ Meyer cast. Yeah…cool….and its not fictional. Its Extra Action Marching Band. You see, there is a worldwide movement comprised of those nerds that carried tubas to school and got picked on for being band fags*. Those shrimps and dorks grew up to be sexy, adventurous and smart…and now they’re taking the world by storm. Take a look at this borderline-psychedelic video of EAMB from their 2007 European tour. If you’re on the fence about watching, know this: the flag girls traded in their flags for metallic pompoms, wigs and g-strings.

Being that I played in two Marching Bands (GMHS and Colorado Honor Band), I’m certainly happy to see that stepping in all that horse shit wasn’t for nothing.

Extra Action Marching Band isn’t the only act out there in this break-out genre of cracked-out Marching Bands. If your interest is piqued, here is a reference list** for you. Go check out some of these groups.

Hungry March Band (NYC)hungrymarchband
What Cheer Brigade (Providence, Rhode Island)whatcheer
March 4th (Portland, Oregon)march4th
Mucca Pazza (Chicago, Illinois) muccapazza
Pink Puffers (Rome, Italy)pinkpuffers
Infernal Noise Brigade (Seattle, WA)infernalnoise
9th Ward marching band (9th Ward, New Orleans)9thWard

*The colloquial term “band fag” was used commonly to describe me and everyone in my Marching Band in the 80s, thus my choice of terminology as paralleled in The Urban Dictionary here. It is in no way intended to be a reflection on or offensive to gay people.

**This list is not comprehensive. Please comment below with your information if you would like to be added to this list, which will be updated accordingly!

Thanks to Courtney Sexton of Extra Action Marching Band for your contributions to this story.

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