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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Last week I happily unwrapped my package containing my brand-spankin’ new Android, Verizon’s answer to the iPhone rage. My biggest complaint matches up with the 1.9 million reviews I read (ok, maybe it was only 1.8 million, but still). The battery life sucks. I’m used to going days without charging my trusty old Blackberry 8703e — even with lots of phone and data use. Oh, how I miss the sweet sweet days of Blackberry’s battery life.

But that was yesteryear. I now own a Droid Eris, not to be confused with Motorola’s bulkier, more pricey Droid with the enticing slide-out keyboard. So far: I really like this phone in spite of the battery life. Verizon’s coverage rules and so far, being new to smartphones, I’m pretty happy with some of the apps in the Droid Market. Here are my top picks…SO FAR:

1. WaveSecure (tip: Lifehacker) If you’re like me you lose things sometimes. Or there’s always the time Airport Security takes you aside and separates you from all of your worldly possessions including your bags, jacket, shoes and eek…your phone! Yes, this actually happened to me at Logan Airport and they didn’t give me my Blackberry back. “Huh? What phone???” So needless to say I love this app for its potential to keep me safe, disable the phone if its stolen, restore my contacts and even track where the hell the phone went. All that and the App is free through the month of January 2010!

2. Cat Sounds — Do I really need to explain this? So I’m going on record with my idiocy. This App is a must-have for those of you with pets and time on your hands. Lets just call it economy-friendly entertainment.

3. Star Wars Ring Tones — Now I know when its my husband calling because my phone grumbles a la Chewbacca! My regular everyday ringtone is of course R2D2 (get it?…yeah, you get it). I have not yet chosen who will ring in with Darth Vader’s breathing. Perhaps the editor of this website? Hmmmm. Time will tell.

4. Twitter on the Fly — This is the fastest app I have found to send Tweets from my Droid. @melissafouch if you care to follow me.

5. Amazon for Droid (tip: — I’m a big fan of amazon for its ease-of-use, dependability, return-policy, shipping speed and for the endless shopping categories to be found in one place. Now I can shop 40 of those categories from my Droid. Big fan of that too.

Being new to Droid, I’d love to see your suggested Apps in the comments section!

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