Guess Who..


Who is this angry little Asian man???? For one thing, he isn’t really in prison, he’s an actor. So the real question here is, who WAS this angry little Asian man?? He used to be quite jubilant!!

Keno from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2:The Secret of The Ooze. Ernie Reyes Jr. never quite took Hollywood by storm on the heels of the film that took down the whole of Vanilla Ice’s career! He has done some crazy martial arts roles since, but none that affected my childhood the way the Ninja Rap did…He also played the tiny little Hispanic dude who kicked the shit out of the Rock in The Rundown(Pictured) ERJ..We Speak your name.


It looks like The Rock was doing an old fashioned Asian imitation and saying “Me So Solly” as Keno Kicks his face in

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