Late Night Scandal Update


(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

For those of you following the gloves-off battle-of-the-late-night comedy wits, you should know that Conan put his show up for sale on Craigslist! I’m a Conan fan who cannot understand why people think Jay Leno is funny so I am loving Conan’s antics and attitude over this whole stupid scandal. To add to my anti-Jay Leno fuel, Leno has been a total douchebag about this. I would personally love to shake Jimmy Kimmel’s hand for ripping Leno to shreds in this 10 at 10 segment:

The greatest thing about this whole debacle is that late night television just got a lot better all-around. As I mentioned before, the gloves are off and there’s an edge in the comedy we’ve been seeing from all of the late night players. I get that there’s a corporate bunch of scoundrels making money-driven controversial decisions and everyone is up in arms blah blah blah…but to me its more interesting to observe the grace and comedic response with which each of the comedians responds. True colors. Big boys with big toys behaving badly. Which ones will walk away looking good? Battle it out in the comments section: I dare you.

Watch for more on the Late Night Scandal here. I snared a talk with Joe Garden (click here to learn about this dark horse of the Late Night Comedy world) and will be posting an exclusive in his own words account of his rise to cult popularity within the Late Night battle.

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