SNL keeps shit ironed down. Topically, this video is pretty funny. I had just walked out from having seen “It’s Complicated” and was speaking about how Meryl Streep has been nominated for like 17 Oscars, and I think that every year, no matter what she does, she gets nominated. Not that its undeserved.. I’m speaking ironically of course, Streep normally puts something Oscar worthy out each year…But I was mentioning how she could do a commercial for Douche, and be nominated…Which is funny in 2 ways, 1)They did a sketch on Douche. And 2) The sketch with Streep was similar in context.

I believe the girl playing her was Abby Elliot, daughter of Chris Elliot. She does a wonderful impression vocally and with her mannerisms..However she looks like Streep in Deer Hunter..TOO young. Check it.

Also, there was a great SNL Digital Short, with a cool cameo with James Cameron, and host Sigourney Weaver. Laser Cats 5.

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