Like the Patriots 18-1 !!!! Avatar 5th Week, Lets go for 6th!! With 2 heavy hitting rivals like Book of Eli with a 32.7 and The Lovely Bones with a 17 million haul, respective earnings for both. The Avatar Crazy Train is going off the rails. While we watch eagerly towards the future, we see a few more rivals for the big blue monster machine to crush under its Na’vi foot.

January 22nd we have Legion,the Constantine-esque film of Angels attacking a truck stop to bring on the apocolypse…Great looking action and storyline…But 3rd? NOPE!!!!We also have the Tooth Fairy with the Rock a disney film…Hmm…A kiddie movie taking the slot? Possibly.

Jan 29th We have the new comedy When in Rome with Kristen Bell and The Edge of Darkness, a Mel Gibson film. And its been awhile the audiences have seen Mr. Mel “Sugar Tits” Gibson.

So lets keep this party going!!!

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