In the Twilight books, werewolves are regular inhabitants of Forks and La Push. But in real life, the wolves surrounding the town of Forks could be in serious danger.

This is an actual QUOTE from JSYK. Washington State apparently back in the 1800’s did what practically EVERY mid western state did. They moved into areas crawling with wolf packs and when they started attacking cattle, they put out large worthwhile rewards for wolf skins. Every hunter took up the bounty until the wolves were on the brink of extinction.

So now that the wolves are returning to the area, the state is flip flopping on allowing them to roam or be hunted.

Ok assholes, really? It took a couple hundred years for their numbers to return from NEAR EXTINCTION and you are wandering whether or not to hunt and kill them…AGAIN! Didn’t you learn the first time? It is not the fault of the animals that humans have populated every square inch of this country and are forcing them to live in close proximity.

If this issue was Werewolves? By all means hunt the fuckers, pack your heat with some silver bullets, and become a hunter. But regular Wolves? This online petition is to get the governor to leave the wolves alone.

Now THESE Werewolves you may shoot on sight. Any Dark and Handsome men hanging around the forest in packs??? Fire at Will… Seriously, the Werewolf William, he’ll take your girlfriend.

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