‘Avatar’ Sends Man To His Grave


I guess seeing Avatar was on this guys’ bucket list…

According to ABC News and The Register, a 42 year old Taiwanese man suffered a stroke while watching Avatar . The man, known only by his surname Kuo, was in the northern city of Hsinchu watching the movie when all of a sudden he started to feel unwell. Kuo was unconscious when he arrived at Nan Men General Hospital and a scan showed his brain was hemorrhaging. ER doctor Peng Chin-chih stated, “It’s likely that the over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms.”  Kuo died 11 days later. He had a history of high blood pressure.

This past Holiday weekend, Avatar earned $41.3 million…it overtook Star Wars as the #3 movie on the all time domestic box office charts. It was also the 5th straight weekend that Avatar was the top earner raising its total to $491.8 million.

Note to self: Avatar may cause over excitement.

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