Have games you have downloaded and not playing anymore? Want to trade them in so that you can get credit towards another game? Want to get screwed in the ass when you find out how little credit you get when trading the game at places like Gamestop? Well, not including the last question, gamers are in luck as Green Man Gaming will be the service that lets you to trade in your downloaded games for credit. There isn’t much info on the service as it will launch later in the year with about 400 titles available at first and hoping to grow as the year goes. Only other info that is known is that Green Man Gaming will be paying the publishers of traded game significant royalties and then sell the traded games as used games. Price range in unknown at the moment.

It’s not known what platform is included in this service but I think games from Steam will probably be the majority on the list since its the biggest gaming service for the PC gamers. I would like to see it available to console gaming since I do own a Playstation 3 and thanks to the Playstation Network, I do have downloaded games that I wouldn’t mind trading in since I’m a trophy whore and most PSN games have the easiest trophies to get and once I’m done with them, I pretty much don’t touch the game again and go find another game to whore myself into just to grow my e-penis up. Hopefully we’ll soon find out how exactly this works and be a very helpful service for gamers all alike.

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