Guess Who….

You will never guess this weeks installment of Guess Who..Our former child star has been against the ropes as of late in an apparent turn to topless boxing(I did NO research, these are assumptions) as a form of income. Hard times happen to most if not 99% of children actors.See what film she was in after the jump

That’s right! Drew Barrymore of a little movie you may have heard of called ET! Is our Guess Who of the week! Little is known about Barrymore after her One Hit Wonder in ET, and after a minor stint with drugs at young age struck SCANDAL by baring it all in a little known film called Poison Ivy. Later, totally falling apart, career in shambles, Berrymore did a PLAYBOY pictorial selling millions of copies in a crazy campaign to firestart her dead career. Making a few low budget films in the early 2000’s with a couple unnamed actresses, they actually THOUGHT a remake of Charlie’s Angels would be a good idea!?!? Doing a few romantic films ala’ Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks with failure Adam Sandler, Barrymore took a swing at, get this, PRODUCING!! I mean the girl from ET producing and directing!!! Cringe-worthy! Also she is invited to host Saturday Night Live, sorry, laughably, only once or twice every two years!! I mean, what is that?? We here at NB do not usually poke fun at thedown trodden, Barrymore, wherever she may be needs a hit.This isn’t the 80’s anymore sweety! Time to grow up and get a real job!!

Hmmmm….This info I’ve found may or may not be credible according to my sources…

Warning: The article you just read was satirical…In the event that you may be dumb

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