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There has been a whirlwind of rumors regarding the casting of the next Conan movie but deadlinehollywood is reporting that former Stargate: Atlantis star Jason Momoa will be the next sword wielding Barbarian. Momoa beat out Kellan Lutz (Twilight) and the relativly unknown star Jared Padalecki who where said to be in contention for the role. Momoa won over the studio by filming a few scenes wielding a giant sword. The casting means the film is on track to start production on March 15, with filming to take place in Bulgaria. Ok, so now that all that official news stuff is out of the way how do you all feel about this? For you Conan purists out there you know that creator Robert E. Howard presented the character with not just a chisled body but with smart and calculating mind. Unlike the original Conan star Arnold Schwarzenegger Momoa fits that bill. However, for the vast majority of us when we think of Conan we think of Schwarzenegger. He quite frankly defined the character and drove Robert E. Howard’s creation into pop culture status. With that said I think for the most part we all wanted another Arnie. Personally I’m still undecided on this casting choice. Momoa was bad-ass on Stargate: Atlantis but all in all he reminds me too much of Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson and as such I think we are going to get a ‘Scorpion King‘ like Conan. Of course he is a hell of a lot better of a choice that Kellan Lutz.

source slashfilm via deadlinehollywood

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