Legion Review

Wow. What can I say about Legion? Lets break into it down into what I know. Movies. Take any Zombie movie where a rag tag group of people are held up, hell, the original black and white Night of the Living Dead, in a shack, barred in. Terminator 1. Constantine and…..The Nativity Story??? Put it into a blender, and you have Legion. Not to say I didn’t have a great time, it was a fun, sorta mindless and with all the Avatar craze…A little refreshing.

I saw Young Victoria 2 weeks ago and can tell you, there were no machine guns. That was a point. We don’t get a nice old fashioned, machine gun heavy, popcorn flyin’, one liner throwbacks too often, so like I mentioned, refreshing. Just nice to get back to some roots of when these types of films ruled the box office.

Paul Bettany, plays the archangel Michael, sent to earth to begin The End of Days but disobeys god, and moves to protect the unborn child that will save humanity. At a small diner in the Mojave Desert is Charlie (Adrianne Palicki) the pregnant never was, who is carrying the prodigal son of man. And (Big surprise) is not happy one bit with this. The diner is owned by Denis Quaid who plays Bob Hanson and his son Jeep (Jarheads Lucas Black), who took Charlie in. When (seen in commercials) an old lady named Gladis comes in a turns all Demon, crawling the ceiling (comically cool) and sporting fangs, things turn ugly.

Apparently God is, and I quote, “Sick of all our bullshit”, and is sending an army of angels to….follow me here…Possess the weak minded human, turn them into demonesque drones who want to kill the child. Cutting off his own wings and thus tran-substantiating into a human, Michael tells us (reminiscent of Kyle Reese) that God, who loved man above all of his creations, is disappointed with us, and Michael disobeyed his orders because sometimes when your father asks you “to do what he wants, sometimes you have to give him what he needs”, a pretty cool point and a pretty cool line. Bettany delivers us with tons of calm and cool dialogue, but that’s about it. There is a great Angel showdown with Michael and Gabriel at the end where they battle it out.

The film as a whole, is kinda an empty vessel, trying to make you think about being a good person, while at the same time settling EVERYTHING with a machine gun. Now that is IRONY!!! Don’t go in to this film believing you will walk out a changed human being, you need to WANT in your heart, to see a back to the basics, blast everything that moves, Stallone style action film…And you will be well rewarded.

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