Pretentious MacBook Sleeve


The BookBook case that turns your MacBook into a Leather-bound book is a genius product of nerd creativity. Of course carrying this around screams that you are a one pretentious little bastard. “Ohhh your Macbook is a book hahahahah” you clever butthole you.

Called the BookBook, this $79.99 case literally transforms your MacBook into “an antique leather-bound book.” Not just for looks, “its hardback sides with reinforced corners protect from impacts [and] the vintage designed spine provide crush protection.”

Personally I wouldn’t  carry this  around because I don’t like to draw attention to myself ( I like to quitely judge people) but I think this is a great anti-theft device. I mean who the hell steals a book anway?

If you hop on over to you can order this clever sleave.


source via techabob

Category: Nerd Culture