Capcom Brings Us Dead Rising…The Movie


After how “Awesome” Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li turned out to be, Capcom decides to bring us Dead Rising the Movie. It’ll be a live-action movie brought to us by the games producer, Keiji Inafune, who also brought us Mega Man and produced other Capcom hits such as Onimusha. The story seems like it’ll be set in Japan and it does show the people playing Dead Rising 2 so who knows how faithful this will be to the video game. I’m sure fans of the original is hoping for some sort of appearance of Frank West in the film…or someone dressed up as a Capcom character. Other than that, it seems like it’ll be one of those movies that is sooo bad but good kind of films, so I’ll leave it at that as the English title of the film is “Zombrex Dead Rising Sun.”

Source: 1UP

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