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I like to draw monsters, gargantuan spaceships, tiny people, huge people, crab-like aliens, tubes, unfortunate biomechanics, sleek cars, strange fashion, and crates of varying shapes and sizes.” — Ray Lederer

Ray Lederer, illustrator, concept artist and all-around sci-fi nerd happily draws creatures and monsters all day….and he gets payed to do it. Not only that, he’s worked for some of entertainment’s biggest players including DC, Marvel, and Sony contributing to Star Wars, Tales from the Crypt RPG and Battletech/Mechwarrior RPG books and now Bathesda (of Fallout fame). Cool, in a totally nerdy way. That’s why he’s January pick for Nerd of the Month.

Watch along below as Ray works his magic, and I’ll meet you afterwards for some Q&A with our nerdy little art star of the video game world:

Nerdbastards: What is your all-time favorite Video Game?

Lederer: It would probably have to be Battlefield 1942. I don’t play too many games anymore but that’s the one I occasionally go back to consistently. It’s got all the fun of a giant snowball fight but with airplanes, tanks, and ships.

Nerdbastards: What is your all-time favorite movie?

Lederer: That is almost impossible to answer so I’ll say Star Wars since that’s the film that really sent my imagination flying at an early age.

Nerdbastards: Have you ever been fired?

Lederer: Yes. I had just begun getting some freelance work early in my career at about the same time I’d gotten a Christmas job at Waldenbooks as a retail clerk. I had such a tight deadline that I needed to take some time off
immediately like 3 days before Christmas. I had to hold the phone a couple feet away from my ear when I told my manager I wasn’t coming in that afternoon. Needless to say the next time I went in was to collect my last check.

Nerdbastards: What was your favorite toy when you were a kid…and do you still have it?

Lederer: Hmmm… probably my Daisy BB gun. I have no idea where it is now.

Nerdbastards: Who is your favorite artist?

Lederer: That is almost impossible to answer as well. The list is so long and ever changing.Right now I’m really diggin’ on Greg Manchess.

Nerdbastards: What really gives you the creeps?

Lederer: Southern rock.

Nerdbastards: What do you want people to know about your games/company

Lederer: Just that it’s an absolute pleasure to come into work every day. It’s challenging and difficult sometimes but the rewards creatively are great. The level of talent here is exceptional and it drives me to become a better artist.

Nerdbastards: Do you dance?

Lederer: Yep!

Nerdbastards: Who impresses you within the gaming industry?

Lederer: I can only speak from firsthand experience. If you mean on an individual level some of my closest friends are also those I find most impressive in the field. That list is long but who comes to mind immediately is Adam Adamowicz (my co-worker on and off for the last 10+ years)who sits right next to me and is responsible for some of the coolest stuff in Fallout3.

Nerdbastards: Do you think it is okay to lie in interviews?

Lederer: Only to save a friend.

Check out more about January’s Nerd of the Month Ray Lederer here at his website and keep up with his goings-on here at his blog!

Thanks to Ray Lederer for your contribution and cooperation.

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