Shatner To Host Monday Night RAW Next Monday

I have been keeping you all up to date as of late with WWE’s kinda cool new shtick they have been working with for the the past several months. Each week for us RAW geeks, we get an actor or a pseudo celebrity with all the power of Vince McMahon himself. Sometimes they hit…Sometimes they miss…Big…Denis Miller hosting weeks back was receive, almost literally, with crickets coming from the bored audience.

So for OUR sake, lets see if William Shatner doesn’t tank hard next week. For instance, doing a spoken word version of Rocket Man on a stool with a smoke in the middle of the ring.

So for the Wrestling/Sci-Fi Kingdom…(Never thought I’d put that sentence together) Next week tune into Raw on USA to see if there’s a chance Kirk calls out George Takei for a match…Or else the show show may wind up a big piece of Shat.

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