ABCs of the Nerd Kind


(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

A poetic glance at the ABCs  of the nerd’s brain. Sing along with me!

A is for Alf and Alderon and Atari

B is for Battlestar Gallactica and Batman and Binary

C is for Crossbows & Catapults and Conventions and Cosplay

D is for Droids and D&D and Deathstar

E is for Elves and Eczema and Erector Sets

F is for Flood-pants and Fruit Roll-ups and Final Fantasy VII

G is for Gandolf and Gremlins and GPA

H is for Ham Radio and Halo and Han Solo

I is for IT Department and Indoors and Inhalers

J is for Jabba and Joystick and Jedis

K is for Krull and Klingon and Krypton

L is for Luke and Leia and Ligers

M is for Math and Middle Earth and Mario

N is for Narnia and Nintendo and Nanu Nanu

O is for Orks and Ovaltine and Obi Wan

P is for Puzzles and Prime Directives and Pac Man

Q is for Q and Quark and QWERTY

R is for R2D2 and Ren Faires and Robots

S is for Star Trek and Star Wars and Shozbot

T is for Tolkien and Trombones and Tempest

U is for Uhura and U.S.S. Enterprise and Uncle Owen

V is for V and Vapo-Rub and Virginity

W is for World of Warcraft and Wizards and WWW

X is for Specs and Rays and Box

Y is for Yeti and Yar and Yo-Yos

Z is for Zombies and Zelda and Zits

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