Pornicorn? Yes, That Will Do

pornicornImageThe magic of the Unicorn has stolen my words. Most writers experience a lack of words once or twice in their careers, and I am battling the overwhelming inner silence at this very moment. Please join me here in my cone of silence. Semi-naked man unicorning. This video doubles as birth control too, just a handy hint. I repeat: I just don’t have words for this yet.

I’ve been sitting here in front of this blank page wondering how long to give myself to come up with the right thing to say about what you presumably just watched. But what I think I’d be better off doing is planning some kind of “Nerds Unite, Take Back the Unicorn” event for all of us who survived it. Because we will be re-living it for years and years to come. I just have so many questions. So many questions.

Then the silence becomes deafening:

It is going to take courage to let the healing begin. This time, the unicorn cannot help us. This time, we cannot call upon the Samurai. Dare I ask how many times you’ve already watched these videos by the time you’re reading these words?

Here’s a little something for dessert if you didn’t get enough “Goodbye Horses” put to disturbing dances involving pelts and what-not.

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