Sonic Hat

Article by future NB writer, Mason Hartung.

There is a girl completing the dreams of thousands, or just mine. No, not Hannah Montana and her increasingly skimpy outfits *insert fantasy here*… But a 19 year old on What might this angels name be? Sugarcoatidli3z… I know, pretty lame. But regardless of this girl’s horrendous spelling, deep within her lies the key to eternal life. But really it’s the ability to crochet and knit the most badass hats and plush figures around. After the unveiling of her Pikachu mask, she has been swamped since. With new additions; a Cthulhu mask, Sonic the Hedgehog mask, and all the more creepy a Flapjack mask, from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. LOOK THAT SHIT UP. I have no idea how she has down time. Sugarcoatidli3z has also made quite a few other items. This includes an assortment of shoes, other unimpressive hats, and this crazy sweater thing. All in all though, I would marry this girl if she wore one of these at all times. So look her up on to take a gander at what all she has to offer.

Pikachu Hat


Octopus Hat

Blue Hat

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