BLEACHI’m a sucker for shonen anime, and as lame as how some can be, I can’t help but let the ten year old boy in me watch and enjoy them. This week marked the end of the filler arc that BLEACH season 14 was, which was titled Zanpakuto Unknown Tales. Just like the previous New Captain Amagai arc, it takes the BLEACH storyline into another time frame so that the story doesn’t interfere with what ever story line the canon was is in. The story introduced “characters” that has been in the series from the start, and what I mean by that, is that the Zanpakutos’ that the Shinigami wield took on their own forms and rebel against their masters. Sure, we may have already seen Ichigo’s Zangetsu but it was interesting to see other Zanpakutos. This was all done of course by a msterious fellow, Muramasa, who had his own set of unique abilities to free the Zanpakutos and have them serve under him.

MuramasaOnce again, this shows how disorganize the 13 Squads can be when something happens in Soul Society, which seems to happen every time, and how much they need their Zanpakuto to do battle. The theme of the this arc was how one must appreciate what they have and that teamwork/cooperation is key to win, just like how other shonen anime have that theme. Also, the final two battles was somewhat similar in my opinion but have enough difference to fit the characters that was involved.

One thing that I like to point out is that I think Muramasa is an alternative version Ulquiorra, and that Studio Pierrot wanted to have their own what-if with Ichigo and Ulquiorra and this is what they produced. Overall, it had its good share of battles, enough background story to answer questions, and the Shinigami/Arrancar files at the end of the show were all enjoyable.  I say this was a better filler arc than Captain Amagai and if you have the time, check it out and you might find some thing in the arc enjoyable.

Unfourtunatly for BLEACH fans that was waiting for the regular story line, this isn’t the end of filler as it seems that there will be more filler just so that the Zanpakuto characters have more air time and that way the anime won’t catch up to the manga. At least this is better than the 100+ random filler Naruto went through.

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