Head to the Jedi Gym in Your Jedi Car


We’ve got two pieces of Star Wars goodness for you today, and they’ll combine to help you keep those silly New Year’s resolutions in style. Jedi style.

First, many people decide that Jan. 1 is a great time to start working out again. After adding 20 pounds of holiday weight from ham, mashed potatoes and Grandma’s peanut butter cookies, folks are ready to hit the gym. But what if you could use the gym for more than just a workout? What if you could use the gym to enhance your latent Force abilities and lightsaber attack form? Behold, the Jedi Gym (source: Distracted By Star Wars):

Ahhh, but how do you get to the Jedi Gym if it’s too far to walk and you’re not near public transit? For that, we come to our second piece of awesome: the Jedi car. Posted by Woa2 and tipped to me by @GEEKLEETIST, this X-Wing Fighter car will transport you to the gym in style:

See more photos at Woa2.

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