Aside from completing various tasks around the everyday household lego Death Star, lego stormtroopers have their own personal lives to tend to. They have to update Facebook status’, get choked out by Vader *not the good type of choked out btw*, find someway to cope with the awful male to female ratio on the Death Star, and find time for their interests. Hobbies are a vital part to any stormtrooper’s life. Whether it’s finding a way to get past the Death Star’s internet filter to look at porn, or just plain old fishing, they need something to bring meaning to their lives *aside from the whole serving the Emperor thing*. I personally like getting in to silly fights with crabs and then having the tables turn in a dangerous way, why wouldn’t a stormtrooper? Yes, I know they are all clones of each other but that doesn’t mean they are conditioned to like the same things or that they all have the same destiny. Shit happens; there is unemployment and even homelessness for lego stormtroopers. You might be saying “oh no!” but I say “oh yes”. Where the hell is that one Christian guy with the beard that helps starving children in Africa!? There are much bigger problems on our hands. So find what little compassion you can in your heart and adopt *buy, I wish Legos were free* a Lego Stormtrooper set. But most of all enjoy these badass pictures!

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