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Not sure if you know, but there’s been a movement for the last several years to bring knitting to the street. You’ve seen spray-painted graffiti, murals, sculptures and all kinds of other forms of subversive “street” art. But have you seen the latest craze hitting the street? Check out some Guerilla Knitting going on where you’d least expect it.

1. Shipyard Cozy. The best part about this is that I’ll bet that metal is really cold. Its these acts of kindness that will save us from the robots when the Apocalypse comes…or whenever robots take over.


2. Tree Sweater. Looking out my window today I feel a little ashamed. I’ve got all this yarn just sitting in drawers and shelves and my trees are f@#king cold! I hope they don’t get all Tolkien on my ass and start planning my demise. Yikes. There are a lot of naked trees out there people. I would hate to think of what will happen if the trees join the robots!


3. “Knitta Please” — Knittas, according to wikipedia and everywhere else you see these images, are a rogue group of anonymous knitters. And they’re all kinda crafty, yo. So don’t get up in their grill, bitches.


4. Bus Sweaters. Maybe it looks cool, maybe not, but I bet they don’t need to turn on the heater. You have to admire the execution on this one. I bet it was a lot of sleepless knitnerd nights figuring out the giant granny square. I wonder if the bus was cooperative about trying it on over and over during the whole process.


5. A Real Gas. I want to say this makes the neighborhood more beautiful. I really do. I want to love this, and I probably do. But I think I see quilting mixed in. And Santa. And I don’t know if I’m ready for this kind of combining of the Guerrilla crafting. I like to think the quilters are still indoors, sewing away memory quilts while the knittas be out in the street. Maybe I just need more time.


6. Fashion Week NYC. — What girl or post wouldn’t dream of spending Fashion Week in NYC!? The lights, the stars, the cute shoes….the glamour!


7. Statue Scarf. Finally. Somebody did something about those out-dates statue outfits. Seriously, patina is cool, but punch up the color on these park sculptures with a cute scarf! I mean, duh.


8. Door handle cover. You say door handle cozy, I say H1N1 is lurking. This is cute and all, but ew the germs.  How many unwashed hands will grip this thing, leaving behind uncleanable bacteria and every other cause of infection. But it is cute. Also its a great starter project for the novice!


9. Bike Hugger. No really, that’s what its called. My only criticism…maybe they should have added a zipper. Because although the bike will surely be cozy in chilly weather, its going to take awhile to remove this for your ride home from the bar. And yes, I am assuming this knitter is a drunk.


10. Statue Warmer. I know that whatever clothing this poor statue gets is a blessing. But if it was up to me, I’d have suggested a smart pant suit.


* Click on Images to view sources.

** Skull Hat at the top was knitted by Carrol Mick who makes up lots of patterns like it! Thanks Carrol for triggering the idea for this list.

If you want to purchase a skull hat, they are available here with or without ear flaps and once you order you can request whatever colors you want.

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